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Circulatory System
Side 3 LP (2010 - Cloud Recordings)

The Side 3 LP was originally released as a special bonus for those who pre-ordered the deluxe version of CS’s Signal Morning LP. They took the original¬†Signal Morning gatefold sleeve, and spraypainted the cover (using a stencil for the “3,” and someone came along with a silver sharpie to provide the “Side”). The inside of the gatefold is also hand-spraypainted, with a stencil that reads “Circulatory System.” The vinyl itself is pressed on absolutely beautiful Purple Swirly Marble Vinyl, and only 300 were made.

The Cloud Recordings Store had been offline for quite a while, but just a few days ago it came back online, and they still have a few of these gems for sale! Act fast!

(photos courtesy of jenny greear and her nice, shiny sony camera)

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